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Update Statement on IOI Pelita
31/05/2018Corporate Communications

IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI) has been working closely with its stakeholders concerning the IOI Pelita case, including Grassroots (the complainant) and the Complaints Panel of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in order to finalise its Resolution Plan. Pending the finalisation of the Grassroots’ role in the resolution process and its acceptance by the Complaints Panel, IOI will proceed with the socialisation of the plan. The implementation of the Resolution Plan will begin once communities’ consent is obtained. 

On 21-25 May, IOI’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement and his team visited all seven main longhouses and four break-away groups to update the communities on the Group’s progress with RSPO and have open dialogues with them. The IOI team also met with both the new Resident of Miri and the new District Officer to brief them on the case and secure their support. The outcomes of the engagement have been shared with Grassroots and RSPO.

Additionally, IOI has embarked on several initiatives that will ready the Group for the implementation phase of the Resolution Plan. The initiatives include planning work for the perimeter mapping and individual land parcel survey that will be conducted together with the community; the compilation of a list of NGOs and legal advisors for the community capacity building, and the development of socialisation materials and its translation into local dialects. IOI and Grassroots plan to conduct the socialisation visit in the early July 2018. 

Finally, IOI Pelita, through its Community Liaison Team, has consistently engaged the communities and provided valuable CSR assistance. As a result, the relationship between IOI and the communities has improved significantly.

IOI Pelita hands over building materials to the villagers from Long Teran Batu to assist in repairing their longhouse before Gawai Celebration 2018. 

Engagement with the Long Tabing Berawan community.

Engagement with the Long Tabing Iban community.

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