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International Sustainability Benchmarks

RSPO Certification

IOI Group integrates sustainability into every aspect of its operations through its commitment to produce in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. As a founding member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”), the Group has been playing an active role in promoting sustainable practices since its inception in 2004. The Group also advocates sustainable agricultural practices in its estates to bring growth and use of certified sustainable palm oil (“CSPO”) to the world market. To date, all of its palm oil mills and estates in Malaysia (except mills and estates of its newly-acquired entity Unico-Desa Plantation Berhad) have successfully attained the RSPO certification.

For the current list of certified mills, click here.

Supply Chain Certification

Further to RSPO certification for its palm oil mills and supply bases, all of its operating units and supply chain units in Malaysia and overseas have been successfully obtained the RSPO Supply Chain Certification which allows the Group to sell CSPO to its clients worldwide.

For the current list of certified units, click here.

ISCC Certification

The Group is also actively pursuing the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (“ISCC”) for its palm oil mills and estates in Malaysia. ISCC is the first international certification system that can be used to prove sustainability and greenhouse gas savings for all kinds of bio-mass and bio-energy.

For the current list of certified units, click here.

Other Quality Accreditations

The Group's manufacturing premises are ISO9001:2000 and HACCP accredited. They are also certified and accredited by globally recognised bodies in various areas of quality and international standards compliance.

List of the Group’s subsidiaries’ accreditations from various bodies can be viewed at IOI Oleochemical website and IOI Loders Croklaan website respectively.