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Shareholders' Information

1. Ordinary Shares

Share Capital and Number of Issued Shares : RM790,208,728 comprising 6,285,038,995 ordinary shares
Voting Rights : One vote per ordinary share in the case of a poll and one vote per person on a show of hands

2. USD 600 Million 4.375% Euro Medium Term Note due June 2022 (the “Notes”)

Voting Rights : One vote per each USD 1.00 in nominal amount of the Notes in the case of a poll and one vote per person on a show of hands

Foreign Shareholding Information

Percentage (%) 

Returns To Shareholders

Two interim cash dividends totalling 10.5 sen per ordinary share amounting to a total payout of RM656.7 million were declared for FY2021.

If a shareholder had bought 1,000 ordinary shares in the Company (“IOIC Shares”) when it was listed in 1980 and assuming the shareholder had subscribed/accepted for all rights issues and offer for sale to date and had not sold any of the shares, he would have as at 30 June 2021, 76,000 IOIC Shares worth RM285,760 based on IOIC Share price of RM3.76 and 55,417 IOI Properties Group Berhad Shares (“IOIPG Shares”) worth RM62,067 based on IOIPG Share price of RM1.12. The appreciation in value together with the dividends and IOIPG Shares received less capital outlay translates to a remarkable compounded annual rate of return of 16.2% for each of the 41 years since the Company was listed.

The Company continues to manage its capital in a proactive manner to provide value to shareholders, optimise gearing levels and provide for funding requirements. The Group also continues to maintain a healthy cash and bank balance, which as at 30 June 2021 stood at RM2.0 billion, and a net gearing ratio of 29.4%.