Supplier NDPE T4T Progress Update Year 2 No.1
16/11/2020Responsible Sourcing

On behalf of IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI), the Responsible Sourcing Team from our Commodity Marketing Department presents its Year 2 reports on the progress made by our supply base on meeting No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) requirements.

There will be three reports for Year 2 and this first report, Report Year 2/No.1 will present results on supply base in terms of their NDPE policy, workers’ welfare/forced labour, grievance mechanism and deforestation occurrence. Report No. 2 and No. 3 will cover freedom of association, no peat development, children in plantation, traceability, occupational safety and health (OHS) practices, labour practices and engagement with fresh fruit bunches (FFB) suppliers.

Earthworm Foundation’s Tools for Transformation, a digital platform, was utilized in this assessment on supplier compliance. This online platform which provides sustainable resource materials has been valuable in guiding suppliers in responsible production particularly during this period when movement control has restricted physical meetings.

Please find the full update here.