IOI Earth Month 2022: Championing the Zero-Waste Lifestyle
11/04/2022Corporate Communications

IOI Corporation Berhad has continuously supported the global Earth Hour movement since 2009. We have designated the month of March as our Earth Month to give greater emphasis on the green movement. This year, we have chosen the theme “Championing the Zero-Waste Lifestyle” for our IOI Earth Month 2022 campaign, which is currently in its 11th edition.

In line with the theme, we have organised a variety of eco-activities, including recycling and upcycling talks and workshops, trash to treasure reinvent challenge and eco treasure hunt, to promote the practice of the 7Rs (Rethink, Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Recover and Repair) and encourage a sustainable zero-waste lifestyle among our employees. It also reflects our commitment to our Group-wide IOI Climate Change Action Initiative, which we introduced in 2020 to reduce our carbon footprint and lessen the climate change impact.

IOI Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor said: "At the Group-level, I hope that the campaign will continue to increase our employees’ awareness, inspire and encourage them to implement the zero-waste approach in their working and daily life. By rethinking the way we utilise our goods, materials and resources, we can close the loop and implement the circular economy model.”

Let us continue to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and fight climate change.

(File pic by IOI Corporation).

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