IOI and Aidenvironment Launch Collaboration in Group-Level Risk Assessment of IOI’s Third-Party Suppliers
15/02/2019Stakeholder Engagement

IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI) and Aidenvironment entered into an agreement today to work together on the group-level risk assessment of IOI’s third-party suppliers.

Aidenvironment, a company incorporated in Amsterdam and specializing in screening palm oil suppliers for deforestation and peat planting, will assist IOI in ensuring compliance with their sourcing policy among their direct and third-party suppliers.

The main purpose of this partnership is to establish a near real-time deforestation monitoring capacity throughout geographies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea where IOI’s suppliers are operating, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that IOI’s supply chain is deforestation free. The partnership will also involve enhancing the capacity of both IOI and their third-party suppliers.

Through this collaboration IOI and Aidenvironment will contribute to the palm oil industry stakeholders’ efforts to eliminate the intake of non-compliant palm oil and to stop deforestation.