Empowering Women within the IOI Plantation Community
10/03/2020Corporate Communications

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020, IOI Plantation launched the Women and Empowerment Committee (WEC) in Peninsular and Sabah, Malaysia as well as Ketapang, Indonesia simultaneously.

The WEC supersedes the Gender Consultative Committee (GCC), with a renewed purpose of strengthening IOI’s commitment to protect women’s rights by recognising the crucial role women play in the workforce and how they contribute to the success of IOI. It aims to encourage their involvement and participation within all levels of IOI’s operations in order to make IOI a fairer and better workplace for women.

The WEC launching gimmick was led by Mr. Leang Hon Wai, General Manager of Sandakan Region and the management team at IOI Ladang Sabah.

A moment to remember at Gomali Oil Mill.

The WEC will be a platform for female employees to discuss any issues that may affect them in their respective operating unit, such as, but not limited to, sexual harassment, physical violence, gender discrimination, welfare and workplace-related issues. The WEC will also explore opportunities in empowering women at the workplace through capacity building and social activities which are not limited to IOI female employees, but also to female dependents living within the IOI plantation community.

During the launching event, plenty of exciting activities were organised by each regional sustainability team such as Zumba, aerobic dance, complimentary health screenings, awareness on the Covid-19 disease, self-defence demonstration as well as mini games to strengthen teamwork among all plantation employees. It attracted more than 400 female employees and female dependents from different plantation units in the three regions. The WEC aspires to kickstart more exciting and meaningful activities for the women within the IOI plantation community, which will be aimed at closing gender gaps as well as realising women’s rights and economic empowerment.

Complimentary health screenings were held during the WEC launching event at PT Sukses Karya Sawit, Indonesia.

Participants getting ready for the Zumba dance at Gomali Oil Mill.

Smile for the camera, at IOI Ladang Sabah.

Participants holding up their hands to resemble an equal sign, a theme for the International Women Day 2020 .#EachForEqual