IOI Pelita Land Dispute Chronology

1996Oil palm concessions were granted to Rinwood Pelita Plantation Sdn Bhd, a joint venture company in Tinjar, Sarawak, on an area which the Berawan, Kayan, Kenyah and Iban peoples claim to overlap with their native customary lands.
1996-1997The palm oil estates commenced operations and apparently cleared and developed land without adequate consultations with the communities and proper compensation for land and crops.
1997Four members of the Long Teran Kanan (LTK) community (representing those with a claim) filed a case in the High Court in Miri against Pelita, Rinwood and the State of Sarawak Government seeking recognition of their customary rights over their lands.
Sep 2006IOI acquired Rinwood’s shares in Rinwood Pelita Plantation Sdn Bhd and inherited the legal dispute. Upon acquisition, IOI Pelita managed to negotiate a settlement with some of the LTK Community members.
Nov 2009A formal meeting between IOI Pelita and the affected communities occurred with the intent of breaking the deadlock, and to seek an out-of-Court solution.