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Sustainability Initiatives

Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Level Project

The Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Level Approach project is an example of a multi-stakeholder engagement and partnership consisting of IOI, NGOs [Global Environment Centre (GEC)], the local communities of the adjacent areas (Orang Asli), Pahang forestry Department, JAKOA and other local and state officers from the state of Pahang.

This landscape level approach involved activities such as ways to overcome the drainage problem at the forest reserve and its buffer zone which is adjacent to Bukit Leelau, activities to prevent future fires, and rehabilitation effort at the degraded area within the forest reserve and the adjacent buffer zone. The project also included a rapid assessment of Bukit Leelau’s peatland landscape which involved having stakeholder’s meetings with related government agencies, field studies, and having site visits to the Orang Asli community to develop an empowerment program for them.

For more info on these and other initiatives by IOI, please refer to article on the initiative here. and our Sustainability Reports here.

Ketapang Landscape Level Approach

In October 2018 IOI launched the South Ketapang Landscape Initiative in partnership with Aidenvironment Asia and GEC. The project stems from IOI’s commitment to develop a collaborative way to handle critical issues such as peatland management, biodiversity and wildlife protection, flood and fire, and community livelihood development programme within the ecologically diverse South Ketapang landscape. Please click here for full details on the project.

'Fair and Decent Wage' Study

The 'Fair and Decent Wage' Study funded and led by Monash University, is a study to develop a pragmatic approach to a fair and decent wage for the workers in the Peninsular Malaysia oil palm plantation. The study is supported by the Ministry of Primary Industries (“MPI”) and technical assistance is given by the International Labour Organisation (“ILO”). The study is in alignment with the RSPO decent living wage framework.

The project involves interviews with civil society organisations in this area, field visits to palm plantations and two typical points of origin for foreign workers. Data collected are quantitative and qualitative in nature. The study charts the various labour practices used by growers in Peninsular Malaysia whilst noting best practices, gaps and areas of improvement.

'Plant Your Own Food' Initiative

Recognizing the potential and positive benefits from planting habits among the employee, IOI reinforced the values by introducing ‘Plant your own food’ initiative by partnering with our employees and setting aside plots of land for them to plant vegetables and fruit trees within their housing complex. This initiative is encouraged by the management as it is consistent with our sustainability commitments and UN SDGs (SDG 2 on Zero Hunger, SDG 13 on Climate Action, SDG 15 for Life on Land, UNSDG 17, Partnership for the goal, and SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. Please click here for full details on the project.