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Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP)

IOI Corporation Berhad’s (IOI) Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP) serves as the main guiding document for the Group’s sustainability practices. The SPOP, first launched in March 2014 and later revised in August 2016, is based on current best practice informed by stakeholders’ input. In March 2018, IOI's Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP) was revised to include our commitment towards MSPO certification.

The SPOP is based upon the following principles:

  1. To comply with all applicable legislation and codes of practices
  2. To implement leading sustainability standards laid out in the SPOP regarding environmental management, human rights and workplace conditions, community development and social impact.
  3. To develop traceable supply chain where all suppliers are compliant with IOI’s commitments.
  4. To strive for the highest levels of transparency and stakeholders’ engagement.

IOI stands firmly committed to the implementation of its sustainability policies and believes that its progress in key areas sends a strong signal to stakeholders on our desire for continued improvement. Moving forward, in consultation with our stakeholders, we will review, adjust and improve our policies and its implementation methods. Any update on the SPOP will be announced on this website.

The latest SPOP is available for download here: