Sustainability Progress Update

In 2016, IOI rolled out the Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP) to detail the progress of IOI’s sustainability commitments that are stated in the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP). The SIP sets out to describe the activities, milestones, and timelines for each subject area that is outlined in the SPOP. As a practical working document, it was updated quarterly to reflect IOI’s progress during that period, with new activities and commitments added along the way in line with IOI’s ongoing sustainability journey.

Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP)

In June 2019, as part of IOI’s commitment to enhance its transparency, an external verification by Proforest was conducted on IOI’s SIP and SPOP. The verification exercise confirmed that we had implemented most of our commitments, and had identified some gaps in the process. The summarised version of the report can be accessed here. As a way forward, the SIP was further revised to address those gaps with more well-defined milestones and targets. It is deemed more practical if it was updated bi-annually. In the past 2 years, IOI has made significant progress towards achieving the milestones and targets as reported in our SIP, Sustainability Progress Updates and the Annual Sustainability Reports.

Moving on, from 2021 onwards, we will continue to consolidate our progress reports on our sustainability commitments, implementation of key targets and other sustainability-related initiatives. Therefore, IOI will fully replace the SIP documents with the Sustainability Progress Updates (SPU), which will be issued every 4 months.

Sustainability Progress Update