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Engagement with Stakeholders

At IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI), we strive to continuously improve the quality of our engagement with stakeholders. Our objective is to communicate more effectively, mainly by being open, transparent and more proactive.

In this section, we provide background information and regular updates on the issues that are of the highest interest to our customers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local communities and other stakeholders.

We continuously engage with our key stakeholders which encompasses IOI’s internal workforce, customers, communities, suppliers, regulators including governmental bodies, shareholders and investors as well as industries association and civil societies. Constant engagements with our stakeholders enable us to understand their concerns and expectation with respect to specific sustainability topics, identification of sustainability material matters and our effectiveness in addressing their material issues. This process enables IOI to evaluate and addresses risks and opportunities which may influence our sustainability performance. We will then act on the inputs to assess our current sustainability practices and make the necessary improvements. The means and frequency through which we engage with our stakeholder, address their key concerns and our response are disclose in the following links below:

This channel also provides the progress we are making and challenges we are facing in addressing some of the most difficult sustainability matters, such as the long-running land dispute at IOI Pelita in Sarawak, Malaysia. Please click following link for more info.

Major Engagement conducted throughout the year:

IOI-Seratu Aatai Elephant Collaring Programme
IOI initiated a collaboration programme with Seratu Aatai followed by an MoU. One of the collaboration initiatives is to map and trace elephant movements as well as learn about their needs. Collaboration effort between IOI, Seratu Aatai, Wildlife Rescue Unit and HUTAN-KOCP resulted in successful completion of the first elephant collaring programme on 26th February 2021 which leads to the successful collaring of a 30-year-old female elephant named Celeste. Please click Here for more info.
Global Child Forum on Child’s Rights
The Global Child Forum held its 2020 Southeast Asia Benchmark report launch event on 16th April 2021, in which Dr Surina Ismail (IOI Group Head of Sustainability) was one of the speakers. In her presentation, Dr Surina shared the challenges in preventing child labour in the estates and the importance of education in preventing child labour. The importance of engagement with the employees to ensure children are in school and collaboration with the government to create a better future for children were also highlighted in the presentation. Please click Here for more info.
Sustainability Consultation Forum (SCF)

IOI’s first Sustainability Consultation Forum (SCF) was held on 18th of May 2021, with the attendance of Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor (Group Managing Director & Chief Executive), Dr Surina Ismail (Group Head of Sustainability), internal personnel as well as external stakeholders from Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK), Bunge Loders Croklaan, Procter & Gamble, Neste, and Mr. Mavath R. Chandran (Member of IOI’s Sustainability Advisory Panel).

The objective of the inaugural SCF is to determine stakeholder expectations towards efforts to addressing systematic labour challenges faced by IOI and the palm oil sector in Malaysia, specifically in terms of Responsible Recruitment and Legalisation, and determine how IOI can move forward accordingly. SCF may focus on different topics in subsequent years depending on priority.

Progressing from Sustainability to Climate Action
Sharing of Climate Change Action Initiative by IOIC Group Managing Director & Chief Executive during the Progressing from Sustainability to Climate Action in the Palm Oil Sector webinar that was organised by Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM). Please click Here for webinar video.
MEF-ILO Webinars on Fair Recruitment and Forced Labour
The Malaysian Employers Federation and International Labour Organisation (MEF-ILO) organised a series of webinars on fair recruitment and forced labour. During the webinar on 21st April 2021, Dr Surina Ismail shared about IOI’s business practices on implementing policies to mitigate risks of forced labour. Her presentation focused on the policies and guidelines in place at IOI to prevent forced labour as well as implementation of the 3 phases of employment for workers: pre-employment, employment and end of employment.
Kenanga Plantation ESG-focused Session
Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd held a virtual half day event in conjunction with its Plantation & Sustainability Day on 7th May 2021, with speakers from prominent palm oil players such as OLAM International, Sime Darby and IOI. Dr Surina Ismail (IOI Group Head of Sustainability) who was one of the speakers for the webinar, highlighted the ESG trends and issues faced by the palm oil industry, as well as IOI’s commitment to achieving our ESG targets. In addition to our No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, IOI is also committed to reforestation, and the protection of High Conservation Value (HCV), High Carbon Stock areas and other conservation land.

Collaboration with HUTAN - PONGO Alliance
Collaborative study with the objective of establishing an ecological study on “Orangutan population at the estates adjacent to Kinabatangan River” in order to determine the habitat patterns of wild orangutans and their ability to co-exist within the oil palm landscape.
Initiatif Lestari Untuk Hasil Agrikultur Mampan (ILHAM)
ILHAM aims to support smallholder farmers to improve their yields, thereby increasing production, without the need for additional land and helping to improve the livelihoods of smallholders.
Finding New Home For Elephants
Collaborative initiative between Ladang IOI Moynod, Ladang Gedau and Ladang Tekun, SWD, Earthworm Foundation to translocate three elephants to their nature habitat.
IOI-MPOB Sustainability Efforts for Smallholder
Collaboration between Sustainability team and MPOB Lahad Datu focused on key issues such as the effort to assist smallholders to be certified under the MSPO scheme and eventually to attain the RSPO certification, which is in line with the jurisdictional effort of the Sabah government to be a RSPO-certified state by 2025.
South Ketapang Landscape Initiative
This multi-stakeholder initiative was organised by IOI Group and its partners, Aidenvironment and Global Environment Centre (GEC), with support from the Ketapang Regency government on managing and protect conservation areas, fire prevention and control, and community development. Please click Here for more info.
Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Project
Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Project was initiated in September 2018 with the objectives of resolving drainage problem and rehabilitate degraded area within forest reserve adjacent to Bukit Leelau Estate, prevent future fires, and explore empowerment programme for the Orang Asli community in the area. Please click Here for more info.
MOU on Fire Management
Indonesian plantation subsidiary PT SNA formed a strategic partnership with neighbouring companies as part of its comprehensive fire management plan to collaborate in information sharing, regular joint-socialisation to the adjacent communities as well as fire monitoring, prevention and control activities. Please click Here for more info.
Minimising Human-Elephant Conflict
IOIEO was involved in supporting the Ulu Muanad HEC Volunteer Group that conduct night surveillances to minimise human-elephant conflict. Please click Here for more info.
Webinars on “Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services”
Dr Surina Ismail (IOI Group Head of Sustainability) spoke in a webinar organised by The Business Council of Sustainable Development (BCSD) Malaysia. The focus of her presentation was on “Practical Integration of Biodiversity and Conservation in the Palm Sector”. Strategy on how IOI drives socio-economic values while at the same time reducing its environmental impacts were shared.