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IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI) aims to be at the forefront in both producing and sourcing sustainable palm oil. We are also committed to the management of sustainable oil palm plantations as well as the implementation of a responsible global palm oil supply chain.

IOI has come a long way since embarking on its sustainability journey. The sustainability value is strongly embedded into the IOI Vision, Core Values, policy statements and work practices across our global operations. We make continuous progress on our sustainability certification endeavours while reinforcing our best agricultural practices and sustainability measures in all our divisions, as well as increasing our community development initiatives.

Our Approach To Sustainability

Sustainability Principles and Values

IOI is working to further embed the practice of sustainability within our businesses by promoting the adoption of best practices across all our operations while ensuring the wellbeing of our people and the surrounding communities, as well as meeting our stakeholders’ expectation. IOI believes that by aligning its long-standing commitment to the three pillars (People, Planet, Prosperity) plus partnership of its sustainability philosophy with that of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) most relevant to IOI’s operations, it can attain a harmonious balance and contribute to a winning combination for all. Looking forward, this will ensure critical concerns are mitigated such as forced labour, climate change and water scarcity as they are integrated into our long-term business strategy.

To support this process, we have developed a systematic approach which manages our sustainability policies, guidelines targets and goals while implementing proactive risk management as part of our commitment in providing assurance to our stakeholders as well as to strengthen our governance structure to include responsibility, accountability and transparency in all our activities.

Our Approach to ESG (“Environmental, Social and Governance” )

The provision of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters that are managed and addressed by IOI.


Climate Change

  • Responsible land use.
  • No Deforestation, No New Planting on Peat.
  • GHG emission management.
  • Risk and opportunity, strategy and target.

Resource Management

  • Water management.
  • Energy.
  • Other natural resource.
  • Responsible sourcing.

Environment Protection

  • Biodiversity and conservation.
  • Chemical and pest management.
  • GHG emission management.
  • Pollution and waste management.

Community Relations

  • Free, Prior, Informed, Consent ("FPIC").
  • Social Impact Assessment("SIA").

Health & Safety

  • Workplace safety.
  • Employee’s wellbeing.

Human Rights

  • Workers’ rights, labour practices and workplace condition.
  • Ethical employment.
  • No Child Labour.
  • Equality and inclusivity.

Regulatory Compliances

  • Ethical conduct.
  • National law and regulations.
  • International Standards, Guidelines and Frameworks.

Transparency & Accountability

  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Whistleblowing procedure.
  • Grievance mechanism and reporting.

Communication & Reporting

  • Transparent communication of our own and supplier grievance.
  • Chemical and pest management.
  • Traceability updates.
  • Reporting on sustainability metrics, target and action plan.